This sensational book explains the history of the Wewelsburg Castle from ancient times to present day, and roles of the SS, the Ahnenerbe, Heinrich Himmler, Karl Weisthor, and other personalities. It further explains the surrounding geographical area of Westphalia and its buried importance to the National Socialist philosophy as Himmler spearheaded a quest for Germany's forgotten ancestral heritage and documents of its natural Pagan culture suppressed by the Christian era.
Heinrich Himmler's Camelot
also gives a rare insight as a high-quality pictorial of the people, the architectural plans and castle rooms, including the North Tower's "Valhalla" and Hall of Pillars with the "Black Sun," as well as nearby Externsteine ("Rocks of the Sun") and Hermann's Monument (ca. Teutonic War), plus more.

  • Over 200 b/w photographs, plus numerous illustrations and documents, all available for the first time in an English-language publication;
  • Plus, an exclusive 16-page color section with 31 photographs, including a rare, never-before seen, full page of Heinrich Himmler's death mask;
  • Also, a fold-out showing a unique design of the "Twelve Knights of the Round Table";
  • A complete story of the castle's history, architecture, renovation and décor, administration, wartime fate, secrets, and extraordinary fascination that appeals to thousands of visitors each year;
  • Behold the coming of a National Socialist Arthurian Court, the sword Excalibur, Sir Lancelot, and Merlin;
    Includes an Index, Glossary, Reference Notes, and informative appendices about the structure of the SS;
  • 256 pages, hard-bound with dust-jacket, 8˝" x 11" format;
  • Read the facts about what really occurred at the Wewelsburg based on 20+ years of research by Stuart Russell, historian, author, filmmaker, and contributor to numerous topic-related books, now with a deeper analysis in English with Stephen Cook, artist, historian, author and publisher;
  • Learn of Germany's cultural reawakening, Weltanschauung, the role of the Christian Church, academic studies, scientific evidence, and the personalities involved;
  • A "MUST-HAVE" for military historians, collectors, philosophers, theologians and artists.

ISBN 0-9670443-0-8       LCCN 99-71545

Also available in England.

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